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Introducing workloopR - an R package for muscle physiology data

I haven’t written here in a few months, largely because I have been writing & sharing code elsewhere. It is my pleasure to share that one of these projects has now been published.


workloopR is an R package that is now available through rOpenSci. As I explain in this post on the rOpenSci Blog, studies of muscle physiology have long relied on closed-source, proprietary software for data analyses. This raises the same issues as any other black-box situation: it’s hard to know how analyses are performed or whether things are working properly. To give muscle physiologists a set of tools to help perform reproducible research, workloopR is designed to handle the import, transfomation, and analysis of data from three types of experiments: twitch, tetanus, and of course, work loops.

After writing the package with my lab mate, Shree Senthivasan, all code and documentation was peer-reviewed via rOpenSci. We also wrote a short accompanying paper that has now been published in the Journal of Open Source Software, available here:

The package is available on GitHub via rOpenSci:

I also recommend seeing our documentation site, which includes vignettes:


Written on November 23, 2019 by Vikram B. Baliga (vbaliga).