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Set max DLLs in R (Windows)

On occasion, you may need adjust the max number of .dll files that R can handle. I first encountered this need when using a high number of packages together.

I’ve had trouble finding this info in the past, so I decided to create this post for others. This works if you are using Windows.

The following is machine-specific, so you will need to do this on each computer you run R.

In R:

user_renviron <- path.expand(file.path("~", ".Renviron"))
# check to see if the file already exists
# typically under: "C:/Users/YOURUSERNAME/Documents/.Renviron"

If file.edit(user_renviron) fails to work, just open the file itself (located wherever user_renviron is pointing) with a text editor.

Once you have the file open, edit or add the following line, save, and restart R:



Written on April 22, 2019 by Vikram B. Baliga (vbaliga).